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13th season of the US version of Big Brother is underway and the great twit of the season has been dubbed "Double Trouble." As expected, the twist referred in part to returning "dynamic duos" of seasons past: Bendon/Rachel (BB12), Jeff/Jordan (BB11) and Evel Dick/Danielle (BB8). Also, as expected, the houseguests that had actually watched previous seasons of big Brother and were fans of the show were totally starstruck by these duos and put totally off their game; blinded by the previous HGs "fame." As Allison Grodner & CBS are never afraid to throw too much into the mix (although here they may have felt they were leveling the playing field), the eight BB13 HGs were paired up into four teams to compete against the Reruns for this year's $500K prize.

I, for one, am totally disgusted that CBS has opted to bring in Reruns and not an additional 6 dynamic hamsters to watch this year. I think the BB13 HGs (I refuse to refer to the rerun HGs as the BB13 HGs) had all of the promise and potential of any prior season HGs (save for the S7 All-Stars). Robyn Kass and Kassting, Inc. or CBS couldn't wrangle up even two additional personalities to enter the house for the summer?

As of premiere night, Evel Dick had already bailed on the show for a personal emergency (No love lost there and it'll save us from the ever-annoying FastForward week down the road). Does his premature exit change how you view the season? For me, it means I might be able to watch once Rachel's been ousted (which is hopefully sooner than later).

What are your opinions on the Reruns? Do you think the BB13 HGs have a chance?
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29 June 2011 @ 08:33 am
As always, the good folks at TV Grapevine have the latest and greatest. Here are more pictures of the Season 13 BB House.

Also, thanks to a comment by the Chenbot (which seemed painfully rehearsed/memorized to me) on Canadian tv, we have our first real hint at the major twist of the summer: Dynamic Duos.

Speculation of what "Dynamic Duos' indicates are already circulating around the web faster than the information super-highway speed limits allow, but popular theories suggest we may be looking at a return of the Season 6 twist or possibly Season 4's eX-Factor. Rumors also indicate it may be powerhouse pairs from seasons past like Will & Boogie, Jesse & Nasty... er... Natalie (what a terrifying thought well suited to the 13th that would be).

What do you think the "Dynamic Duos" means?
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Late last night (or early this morning depending on your timezone) pictures of the BB13 House were revealed. Sadly, it appears to have been redecorated and polished with some new furniture added, but not really remodeled. I would expect then, that the game is not fundamentally changing again this season despite the promise of the "craziest twists ever."

The good folks over at TV Grapevine have posted pictures of the House in their discussion forums.

Thanks to Matt Whitfield of Yahoo! Entertainment (@lifeontheMlist) we do have some additional descriptions of the House's features (click the Tweet # for the actual tweet):

Tweet 1: No significant changes to the living room, storage and diary rooms. Third bedroom was locked to the media day participants but looks like our nemesis the chess board is still there.

Tweet 2: Barely pictured in the former Cabana Room (look to the lower left side of the picture), is apparently an old school fortune teller.

Tweet 3: If there are 14 Hamsters as indicated by the memory wall, looks like four of them will be housed in the locked 3rd bedroom.

Tweet 4: Looks like a Venice Beach theme for the house.

Tweet 5: The Venice Beach theme likely will carry to the backyard (wonder if this means there will be lots of free weights and muscle-headed jocks in the backyard once the season begins?).
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20 June 2011 @ 01:01 pm
This tweet just came out from @bigbrothernet:

#BB13 holding Media Day in new BB house today. Our request to be included was ignored again this year. Thx @bigbrotherwatch #notbitteratall

Does this mean the new HGs have been chosen already (I always forget the order of things)?

It does mean that I can safely tell you that I did not apply to be on BB13 and that I will be here with you all summer. I'll do my best to keep you apprised of new developments as soon as I learn them, but unfortunately, LJ still sucks for updating from my blackberry, so my updates will often have to wait until i am near a computer with internet access again.

Is there anything you'd like to see from this community? What info do you want? What don't you care about? How would you like to contribute?
07 April 2011 @ 10:11 pm
I, for one, am totally against the practice of recruiting House Guests and bringing people into the game that have no understanding of what Big Brother is all about. While true that this practice has also brought us some of the most memorable HGs, I find it offensive to anyone that really enjoys the show or that has faithfully tried out for years, but couldn't catch the eye of one of the casting team.

Looks like this year the casting team is spreading a pretty wide net to see as many different personalities as possible at their open casting calls. This will be one of the first years in quite a few that the open calls will be in the Mile High City (where I call home) and as much as I badgered them to come to Denver, I don't think I'm going to be able to go.

The last time they came to Denver was when they were casting for the season of which we do not speak. I know this because I went at the very end of the night on a whim. My son had just had open-heart surgery and I was definitely not on my game, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to at least stop by and say hi. See? Now that sounds bad. He'd had surgery the day before and was in recovery. I was on my way home to get my wife a change of clothes for the hospital and heard on the radio about the casting crew being at a bar that was on my way home. I just popped in, met with them briefly and went on my way. Better?

Anyway, that was the last time they came to Denver. Can you name the last HG from Colorado? What season did he/she appear?

The list of locations this year keeps growing: http://www.cbs.com/casting/index.php?show=2&0.05880933904966479

Who's going?
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05 April 2011 @ 08:50 am
Hey all! I'm going to be taking over the cbsbigbrother LJ Community. I've been a fan of Big Brother since Season 1 and have watched all but the season of which we do not speak (Season 9).

I hope to be able to keep up on postings here and will try to keep the news fresh and interesting.

Big Brother 13 starts in 3 months (92 days officially), who's ready?
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